First love, first job and hearthbreak

Instead of writing a really long post covering my path from teenager to current day. Instead I will split my story across multiple posts.

It is 2007 and I have just been given my first job in a food retail store. I was also in a serious relationship with the most amazing girl ever. I know every couple describes their partner in such terms, but she really was something. She had Maltese roots, which meant not only did she have a beautiful tan but an amazing arse, boobs and was a kinky little thing. It wasn’t all surface beauty however. I truly loved this girl and looking back, I can see it probably didn’t always come across. As the relationship went on I begun to take her for granted, and I still regret that to this very day. After only a year working in food retail, I was promoted to supervisor at just 18. The money was about 20p more, but the experience was second to none.

Me and Jade split up in 2008 and it hit me really hard. I didn’t know what to do or where to go. I instantly got back in touch with my old friends, many of which was the last people I should of been hanging about with. I was in a very dark place and surrounded by drugs and crime. Of course this was my choice but one I regret to this day. I begun buying cocaine from a customer who came into my shop. I would sneak off into the staff toilet and wack up a line. As the days and weeks passed, my cocaine use increased and although not addicted in the typical sense, it was the beginning of my downfall. Whenever I tried to stop my addictive personality and boredom would get the better of me. Thank god cocaine doesn’t have physical withdrawals, and is too expensive for someone like me to do any real damage.

I know looking back I played a big part in pushing Jade away but she played her part too. After a couple of months barely holding my job down the cracks begun to show. I was doing coke, speed, MDMA, Diazepam and basically anything I could get hold of. I started to miss days at work and in the end handed my notice in. I told my Mum I would find another job but in truth I drove around hustling money to fund my recreational drug habit.

This is the end of this chapter but I will be adding another very soon. Don’t forget to follow to keep up to date with my posts.

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