Family ups and downs

This week started off pretty average and turned into a really good week. At the beginning I was merely counting down the days until payday and doing the odd bit of decorating getting the house ready for market. I had applied for a budgeting loan but wasn’t sure if I was going to get it or not due to thinking I had an amount still outstanding. Turns out that I had literally paid the last payment 2 weeks ago meaning I am entitled to £348. On top of that I was called downstairs by my Mum. Thinking she had bad news about a terminally ill relative I was expecting something bad. Instead she passes me a cheque for £500 from my Nan’s will. I didn’t know I was even in the will so on Monday I was expecting my normal payment of around £230 and ending up with over £1,000 all in all. I also applied and was accepted for a contract phone as my old phone has been dropped countless times and was on its last legs. It is nice to know that my credit rating has recovered from when I was 18 and messed it up on credit cards, loans and overdrafts.

Instead of my usual routine of getting money and spanking said money on drugs and taxis I plan on clearing my overdraft, getting my passport and starting a savings account.

As I mentioned above one of my family members who is only 32 was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour and given 5 years to live. That was around 5 years ago and thus we are expecting to receive bad news sometime between now and the next 6 weeks. Of course we would like her to stay with us for longer. Not even so much for our sake but instead her young children’s. The reality is she hasn’t got long and so we likely have another family funeral incoming. It seems like the last couple of years has been really unlucky for my family with both my Nan and Granddad passing, my cousin’s terminal brain tumour and my Uncle’s mouth cancer and operation. Things are also looking pretty bad for my Uncle. He pretty much went straight back to drink and has been told he needs to have radiotherapy. Due to his poor diet and lifestyle he has been in hospital due to some bad blood test results. I know it sounds a little harsh but he made zero effort to give up drinking or even basic harm reduction or improvements to his life. The NHS spent tens of thousands operating only for him to start drinking the very day he got out of hospital.

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