New Year New Start

With 2019 out of the way and a decent end ot the year I am pleased to report I am looking forward to 2020 even if I am beginning to feel old. Just before Christmas me and my Mum moved into a new house. Well bungalow but you get the picture. It is a beautiful building that has been modernised, in a quiet street yet close enough to local shops and everything you could possibly need. Their is an added bonus for me and that is that none of my old friends know where I live meaning they can no longer turn up uninvited. This had become a bit of a recurring problem even after they had been told not to turn up without being invited.

As a way of coping and staying clean I have been putting a lot of my time into doing DIY tasks but also playing a game called Eve Online which has levels of depth not seen in even the most nerdy of PC games.

Not everything was good at the end of 2019 as it is possible I have hepatitis C. At the very least I have come into contact with the virus. I am currently waiting to have my bloods taken as the initial appointment the nurse tried but with my veins being both small and battered from years of abuse I need to go into hospital and have them find a suitable vein. When I first heard the bad news I couldn’t of been more shocked. I never shared works. It does go to show that however careful you are these things still happen and you (and I) are playing with fire. I guess this time I got burnt.

On the upside it gave me a kick up the arse and I have been clean and sober for longer than I have in a good 12 to 18 months. Keeping it this way is where the real hard work begins. I hope all of my readers had a great Christmas and New Year. Hopefully I can maintain some kind of a post schedule this year but no promises guys.

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