All Clear

Last week I went to hospital as an outpaitent to have my blood taken as nobody was able to find a vein due to the extensive damage and scarring from years of injecting drug use. The tests were looking for HIV, Hepatits A, B and C. In December 2019 I had taken a test that signalled I had at some point come into contact with Hep C and a further blood test would be required. I hate tests of all sorts and this one is one I really didn’t want to acknowledge. I decided its now or never to see where my drug use has left my health. I got a phone call this morning with good news. I am clear for Hep A, B, C and HIV. My body clearly managed to clear the virus on its own. They want to retest me in 3 months just as a precaution. Good news however you look at it. An added bonus is that it really did give me a wakeup call. I am going to give living clean and sober another go. Even though I have had a couple of slips recently I did manage to get to 30 days with no drug use excluding my methadone script and smoking cannabis.

Depending on who you ask and speak to determines what they view as being clean. For me personally I do not see a problem with smoking cannabis unless it has negative effects such as a predisposition to mental health issues. Ideally I would like to not be taking methadone each day. On the other hand I view it as a tool which allows me to go about my day to day life without physical withdrawals. Methadone also allows me to control my cravings and drug use. It isn’t an instant fix. It still takes willpower but it does without a doubt help.

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