As lockdown eases, An Addict plans

I can’t deny that since starting this blog I have for numerous reasons including the public health crisis lost interest in it. In the back of my head I have had that voice niggling that I should sit back down and try and put at least a post out updating my readers of the current situation and my plans.

Like millions all over the globe I have been stuck indoors for 7 going on 8 weeks now. We are currently having a crisis whereby a high level advisor blatantly broke the government guidelines on going out. The current government is a total joke but in certain areas I believe their actions could very possibly have meant more people lost their lives that could have perhaps survived if different decisions were made. I have no hard evidence so it is pure speculation but just look around at those in power within the UK government. These are not our best, most trusted honest people these are quite possibly our worst in many respects. I really wish I could show people that there is a better way.

Being a left wing supporter in principle however I do not feel that the UK labour party really even represents those views any more. They only seem happy when doing the Tory light thing. Yet again I cross my fingers and hope to see for once in my life a decent government that actually represents the public. I do not hold much hope.

During lockdown I have had plenty of time to think and after very early on getting 7 day take home doses for my methadone I could once again entertain the thought of going back to work. Being on methadone, at least daily pickups makes working any job or hours very hard as everything has to work around chemists or buying black market drugs to fill the gap. It may not be ideal but it is the reality of the situation. I do want  to go back to work. I have sat around doing nothing for 15 years. I know I can easily work any entry level job without any trouble. It may be boring but it does pay. My short to long term goal is to ride out the rest of this pandemic and once things have played out and the risk is reduced where getting a job makes sense I genuinely plan on giving that world another go. I’m growing up the years are passing. I can’t keep doing what I’ve been doing forever. It has to stop at some point.

One of the first things on my list before everything else is to get my teeth sorted. Just before lockdown I had dental work planned and then during everything another tooth broke so it will be a godsend to finally start getting real world things ticked off.

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