Sales, Skills and (Potential) Success

Since my last post talking about my plans going back to work somehow led me to a wholesalers website that I had no idea even existed. Usually I could tell you exactly how I ended up finding it but this one was just pure luck. I guess I just happened to click the right link and realise what I had found. After scrolling through their products I saw some stuff that appeared to have potential for resale online via my own website and also ebay and similar auction sites. I used to run a very similar business over a decade ago. The margins were tiny back then and the products I was selling pretty crap if I’m honest. The last couple of days I have been running the numbers, creating a custom spreadsheet to calculate per item cost, profits after fees and total profit once the whole packs are sold. So far things are looking great with some products offering surprising margins considering their are many other sellers. I would go into more detail but the nature of this game means this would only lead to someone stealing this find from under me.

Even if this business plan goes well and makes acceptable profits I am still planning on going back to full time work and ideally invest my earnings to trial new lines and expand on what I hopefully will have built over the next 6 months. I have numerous skills that give me an advantage over the competition. Being a website designer but also running my own sites learning everything from the basics (HTML,CSS) leading up to SEO, PHP, image/video editing and of course writing albeit one of my weakest areas. Many of those I will be in competition with would have to pay to set up a website or even if they used Wix or any website builder service my websites will almost always look better, work better, rank better and ultimately sell more products. Just writing about this gets me excited because I know I have excellent skills and knowledge as well as first hand experience selling online. Instead of putting all my time and effort into drugs and crime I can do something that I am show off and be proud of. I hate saying it but many of my peers are not that intelligent or the ones who are make the worst decisions on totally different levels to the crimes I have been invovled with over the years. I have tried to educate and advise these friends but often they just want to tell you this story or that story about some boring often petty and immature event that happened in jail on the wing.

Overall I am feeling far more positive and upbeat than I have in a very long time. Maybe this time I will truly be able to get things back on track but go one step further and excel into a position I should have always been in if not for my terrible decisions.

On a totally different note I have been talking to my ex misses the one I had a child with that led to the events that ultimetly led me down this dark path. We will get into the specifics on all of that another time. I guess I should just say even though I know it could lead to emotions I want to avoid or even full blown arguements if everything gets brought up again. Yet for some reason I have been replying and not my usual nasty replies because I carry a lot of pain and hate for her mother of my child or not.

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