Savings, Headphones and addiction

As bad as I feel saying this but Covid, lockdown this whole period in time has been great for me. Not only have I managed to stablisise perfectly on my methadone but I have stopped using on top altogether. I don’t even know how long it has been but it is safe to say one of my longer periods of abstinance.

Of course not using has meant for the first time in a long time I have extra cash to spare and even at the best of times saving isn’t one of my strong points. Each month I was putting my loose change and a couple of £10/20 notes. When I started saving I had no idea what I was saving for but just the other day ordered a pair of really nice headphones (Beyer Dynamics DT990 Pro) and an DAC/AMP to power them. When I was using unless I came into plenty of money I would never be able to just splash £200. The only thing I would spend that amount of money on was drugs. It is a nice feeling almost reinforces a sense of normality.

Over here in the UK we have had some really hot weather to the point that fans just blow hot air around and air conditioning isn’t really commonplace in most homes even though I would love AC.

Even though things are pretty much back to normal at least on the surface there isn’t much going on so not much to report.

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