Sports betting, Lockdown 2 and future plans

Here in the UK we have been plunged into another lockdown. To be quite honest thought just like before I’m not too fussed having to stay indoors giving I’m always on my computer anyway. It would be nice to see the end of all this. Life as an addict is stressful enough without adding further reason to be worried about everyday like. I’m no cleanophobe but I appreciate and respect something like Covid-19.

I’ve been placing numerous bets on Football games taking advantage of as many welcome offers as possible. I have to say I have done really well turning £20 into just over £200. Since new year I have been working towards a couple of goals. These being 1. get my driving license back as I am getting to a point where I can and 2. saving money both in money tins and banks. I know this sounds like a super ordinary thing that most wouoldn’t see as a big success but in my world its massive. Losing my license was one of the first big signs of everything going wrong. The real question is can I keep myself busy enough and active that I give up smoking cannabis in order to pass DVLA drug test without falling prey to class A substances. Given my affinity to heroin and crack this is another risky undertaking.

I nearly deleted this post thinking do I really want to be sharing the most intricate intimate details of my life as an addict. Part of me knows spreading my story is a good thing. Another part (likely my addict part) is telling me no because it will make jusifying any slips up etcs much harder. It isn’t like you can sweep it under the carpet when your posting your life to the entire world.

P.S Before I forget I should also mention I have successfully (at home) managed to reduce my daily methadone intake from 80ml to just 55ml which will drop another 5ml to 50ml in just a couple of days. Overall things are heading in the right direction.

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