Anti-depressants, Meth Reductions and True Motivation

I have never been one to really see much value in anti-depressants. This isn’t because I’m one of those people who think it doesn’t exist but more because I have never had great results while being prescribed them. The reasons behind why this could be are many and most likely linked to poly drug use (multiple drug use), inconsistency by missing doses due to having my mind on drugs or getting money for drugs. It has been a long time since my life has been that hectic, but I still remember it like yesterday.

Around 3 months ago so around October/November I started taking my Fluoxetine again. My reasoning behind this was because I had got t a real stable position and was planning to reduce my methadone dose. I noticed after Christmas that I had an energy and motivation driving me that I hadn’t seen in a long time. I can’t say for sure where this came from exactly. My best guess is this positive result has been brought around by a combination of taking my anti-depressants every day, sleeping far better, not using any hard drugs just smoking a little weed. I guess eating properly is another factor in my new found motivation. I do believe that part of this is the anti-depressants. This is something I have never said before even though I have been prescribed them for years. Although I can’t prove it, I am pretty sure that most addicts are suffering with some form of depression. I write this blog not just as a self help tool for myself, but also to provide others with the true side of drugs and addiction. Something that is real hard to do using just mainstream media sources.

Moving onto another success I have soo far managed to gradually reduce my daily methadone dose down to 45ml. I started at 80ml. Now I’m approaching the half way point I plan on getting down to 40ml then I will stop for a little. This is to allow my body to readjust to a lower dose. Although I am not getting ill at my present point. If I carry on without these little breaks sooner or later it is going to hit my hard. That point is the most risky and often been the part where I have failed in the past.

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