All Clear

Last week I went to hospital as an outpaitent to have my blood taken as nobody was able to find a vein due to the extensive damage and scarring from years of injecting drug use. The tests were looking for HIV, Hepatits A, B and C. In December 2019 I had taken a test that […]

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New Year New Start

With 2019 out of the way and a decent end ot the year I am pleased to report I am looking forward to 2020 even if I am beginning to feel old. Just before Christmas me and my Mum moved into a new house. Well bungalow but you get the picture. It is a beautiful […]

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A little victory

Where to begin is the question on my mind as I write this post. I have not updated you all for a couple of months now. It was never my intention to neglect this blog so much. Things started falling down around me. In the true addict fashion I found excuses and justifications to use […]

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Family ups and downs

This week started off pretty average and turned into a really good week. At the beginning I was merely counting down the days until payday and doing the odd bit of decorating getting the house ready for market. I had applied for a budgeting loan but wasn’t sure if I was going to get it […]

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