Internet Issues

First of all I would like to say sorry for not keeping my end of the deal, not posting once a week on the day I said I would. Being an addict my life is chaotic both physically and mentally. Whenever I try and set goals like this I usually end up putting things off […]

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Instinct and the NHS

I woke up at 8.55am, went to the chemist and got my methadone just like any other day. My tooth which originally snapped 15 years ago biting a Refresher’s bar. At the time I didn’t have a NHS dentist and thus private it is. 2 xrays, a filling followed by a £250 bill. Thank god […]

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Money, Video Games and Life

Tomorrow well actually today now I should be able to get the very last bits of decorating done. 90% is done but some of the doors and door frames, need another coat of gloss. I’ve found it fairly hard to get motivated but I have to finish the job to get paid and I want […]

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Compassion for addicts…

I have been toying with the idea of eventually putting together a documentary showing what heroin addiction is really like. I have the ability to go places, and see people who would otherwise remain invisible. Although I have cut ties with most of the people I used to use with, I still keep a few […]

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