A little slip

As I mentioned before I had been doing really well. I managed to stabalise on methadone, no other drug use (excluding cannabis) for 2-3 months. Due to not spending all my money on little brown and white cling film wraps I was buying monitor mounts, PC monitors and a pair of really nice studio headphones […]

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All Clear

Last week I went to hospital as an outpaitent to have my blood taken as nobody was able to find a vein due to the extensive damage and scarring from years of injecting drug use. The tests were looking for HIV, Hepatits A, B and C. In December 2019 I had taken a test that […]

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A little victory

Where to begin is the question on my mind as I write this post. I have not updated you all for a couple of months now. It was never my intention to neglect this blog so much. Things started falling down around me. In the true addict fashion I found excuses and justifications to use […]

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Compassion for addicts…

I have been toying with the idea of eventually putting together a documentary showing what heroin addiction is really like. I have the ability to go places, and see people who would otherwise remain invisible. Although I have cut ties with most of the people I used to use with, I still keep a few […]

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Depression at its finest

To say my life has been hetic is a huge understatement to say the least. Even at its most mundane things have been pretty chaotic ranging from petty crimes, broken relationships right through to mental health issues mainly being depression and insomnia. Both of these to some degree are my fault but only go to […]

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