Gardening and Unreliable Friends

With summer just around the corner it’s time to start planting vegetables. This year I won’t be doing quite as much as previous years as with selling the house the garden needs to be tidy. That said I will still have a reasonable amount going. Potatoes, Carrots, Beetroot, Radishes and Spinach. We also just re-potted […]

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Decorating, Funerals and Life

Sorry I’ve not posted sooner, but this last week has been so busy. The flat my Nan lived in needs decorating so I volunteered to do it. Originally my Mum said no because motivation isn’t exactly my strong point, and I often leave jobs half finished. I decided to start decorating to show that I […]

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Happy Reduction Year for me

This year my birthday took on a pretty quiet affair. That isn’t to say I’m out getting really drunk or taking loads of drugs usually. I may be an addict and am even one to say there is possibly a genetic element with addict. That is my personal experience with addiction at least. Back to […]

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Switching to methadone was a good move

I relapsed very quickly after successfully completing a 3 and 1/2 month rehab program. Of course I thought I could control my opiate use. I was using then leaving a couple of days before going back to use more. It didn’t take long before I waking up feeling like shit knowing that it will take 2 weeks to get s script. It took around a month, before I was truly dependant on opiates.

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Heroin, Methadone and my story

About 5 years ago I started a blog very similar to this, recording my experiences with addiction, methadone and buperenorphine. I decided to start another blog as part of my recovery. I want to share my experiences with maintenance therapy, addiction and life in general. I recently switched from 16mg Buprenorphine to 30mg methadone, although […]

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