Withdrawals, Diazepam and Perscriptions

So last week I was expecting to have to wait another 14 days to get my take out. When I went to the chemist on Wednesday they came out and said you have a new script and you now have take out. It isn’t the same as what they said. It is a start and better than nothing. I now only have to go to the chemist on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. This pretty much cuts the amount of trips to the chemist in half. On another hand it also makes it easier for me to begin reducing my dose as I don’t have to drag myself out of bed and up the road when feeling rough.

I bumped into another addict I know from scoring in the past and it came up that he gets Diazepam on prescription and sells 14 every Tuesday. I have been looking to buy Valium as it really helps control withdrawals. I brought 14 this Tuesday just gone and will continue to buy them until I have enough stored up to see me through the worst of it. When I was in rehab a single 10mg Diazepam tablet made all the difference and made things bearable. It is very hard to get prescribed them over in the UK even when you have a legitimate reason. I am going to make a doctors appointment and hopefully she will give me a short term script just so I don’t have to worry about them showing up on my drugs tests. A single failure would result in losing my take out when I’m not even abusing them merely to get high.

One thought on “Withdrawals, Diazepam and Perscriptions

  1. As an recovering addict myself, I understand 100% the issues we face just to avoid withdrawals. Only God knows what we’ve had to do to MAYBE avoid that pain. Great read!


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