Gym, relationships and depression

So it’s been a little while since I last posted. This has mainly been because of a mix of having nothing to talk about and on the other hand just being lazy. Speaking to my son’s mother has been a bit of a mixed bag. At points we get on like a house on fire, […]

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My inner battle with addiction

My depression is back with a vengeance and has left me feeling lost I guess. Mornings have been the worst and usually my mood lifts a little in the evening but not always. I have never been the suicidal type mainly due to the pain it would cause various members of my family rather than […]

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A little slip

As I mentioned before I had been doing really well. I managed to stabalise on methadone, no other drug use (excluding cannabis) for 2-3 months. Due to not spending all my money on little brown and white cling film wraps I was buying monitor mounts, PC monitors and a pair of really nice studio headphones […]

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